Three local athletes get ready to head to the Northwest and represent Rockford in the Special Olympics USA Games.

Cameras rolled on the moments when Scott Dewall and Susan Kuborne found out they could ditch their normal lives for a week, in exchange for a more glamorous one in Seattle, Washington.

“I literally cried,” said Kuborne, who has been part of Special Olympics since she was 11 years old. Kuborne describes herself as a passionate runner.

Scott Dewall plays bocce. Throwing alongside Dewall both now and in a couple weeks in Seattle is John Fayhee. Fayhee is Dewall’s Unified Partner, or someone who does not have a disability but participates in Special Olympics. Fayhee takes his role very seriously.

“Being a Special Olympian is no small honor,” explained Fayhee. And neither is making it to the USA Games.

Only 46 athletes and 4 unified partners are selected from the Prairie State. Kuborne will tackle track and field events. She’s already snagged first place in her sports which is a must to make it to Seattle.
While Kuborne says more medals would be nice, she’s after a different kind of bling.

“You give [the pin]  to them and you say, ‘Can I trade you an Illinois pin,’ for like say Texas, New Jersey,” explained Kuborne as she pointed to her small Illinois Special Olympics pin.

As for Dewall, he’s going for gold.

“You think you guys got a pretty good chance?” asked Christie Nicks, Eyewitness News.
“I hope so, yes, we’re going to try to do our best,” said Dewall confidently.

And to Fayhee, trying hard is what it’s all about.

“Looking people square in the eye and telling people I did my best really matters,” said Fayhee.

The Special Olympics USA Games run July 2nd – 6th at the University of Washington Husky’s Stadium.