Walk into Village Bakery in Oregon and throw out that New Year’s resolution.

 “I like the chocolate chunk cookies!” said Bev Kearns. “[I like] everything” laughed her husband, Chuck.

“It’s got that good stuff that you look for,” Steve Kasper said.

Rows and rows of baked goods that are made from scratch fill glass cases. They’re adored by those behind the cases too.

“We’ve got muffins like white chocolate raspberry, Nothern cranberry, we’ve got some scones, danishes,” explained one ot he employees, Luke.

“And they’re all good?” asked Christie Nicks, Eyewitness News.

“I’d have to say so!” said Luke.

The bakery opened downtown in May and is already frequented by loyal food fans like Steve Kasper who drives up from Dixon.

“I like hot chocolate with whipped cream,” said Steve.

That hot chocolate is stirred to perfection by Luke, one of the employees who are the secret to the bakery’s sweet success.

“Our motto is that we’re baking a difference,” said Brion Brooks, Executive Director of Village of Progress in Oregon. It helps those with special needs. Brooks says the new bakery was formed to show case possibilities inside those like Luke who have disabilities.

“We’re trying to give them a real world experience where they work with people without disabilities, to introduce them to the community,” said Brooks.

From prepping coffee to delivering at the drive through, Luke does everything. His favorite part is “the people I get to meet.”

And the feeling is mutual.

“The people that are working here really do a good job, kinda have some of my favorites here,” said Chuck Kearns.

“We bake a difference for the lives of the people that we employ, but we also bake a difference for the community, because they have a chance to embrace people that might not always be like them and I think the community is strengthened by that,” said Brooks.