Stateliners React to Orlando Mass Shooting


People from all across the country, and right here in the Stateline, are sending their thoughts and prayers out to those affected by a mass shooting that took place in Orlando, Florida, over the weekend, but some say it’s an unfortunately reality we, as Americans, are faced with in today’s society.

“It doesn’t matter what we believe, [or] the people who were shot, whatever they were like, but we should show love to everybody,” Rockford resident Jennifer Peterson said, in reaction the mass shooting. She says it’s sad that people who disagree with a way a person lives their life would choose this method to tell them.

“If they have a different set of opinions, you know, showing love to others and trying to talk them, [or] to try to change their opinion in that manner, through talking about it instead of acting violently,” Perterson added.

Pecatonica resident Jim wise said he heard about the incident the minute he turned on the TV this morning, but almost didn’t pay attention.

“I saw it on TV and of course I just passed it up for a second, because there’s so many things that have been going on,” Wise said. “So it was almost, like, common place, so I went back to it and started watching it and got most of the information.”

He agrees that this senseless act of violence isn’t needed in any community and he was saddened once he learned more about the deadly situation.

“America’s a free country. A lot of people do all different kinds of things with their lives and we all have laws that protect us,” Wise added, but says a shooting like this is an unfortunate reality we all have to be aware of.

“I have to keep my family prepared for things. You need to be aware of where you’re at all the time, the situations that you’re in, and things like that. That’s just something that we’re all [going to] have to live with being Americans.”

The US Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) says the Orlando nightclub shooter, Omar Mateen, purchased both the AR 15 rifle and the handgun he used legally within the last week.

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