Stateliners Travel To Wisconsin To Play Lotto


At the Way Low gas station on Rockford’s west state street, there’s a sign for a lottery player who won a 200-thousand dollar jackpot. And he got paid right away. But this year the numbers are different.

“I have two customers that they win. One for 2k dollars and he said he was trying to sell that ticket to somebody else because he wasn’t able to get the money from them,” says Ali Sahori.

By them, Ali Sahori means the state of Illinois. Lawmakers have yet to pass a budget, so the comptroller doesn’t have authority to release funds ;which is impacting Sahori’s regulars from playing the lottery because even they see it’s more of a risk against no reward

“If you can sell them there you should be able to pay it out right there; Wisconsin you win the money you get it right there,” says Josh Reece.

Up north in Beloit Kim Dunaway says sales are booming and she has no problem serving customers from northern Illinois who travel all the way to see her. “Sales have been quite well lately. A lot of people complaining they can’t go to Illinois and get paid. I have a couple customers that have tickets that want to be paid out and they can’t,” says Rollette Oil Manager Kim Dunaway.

Sahori says his lottery sales are down 40 percent and it’s painful to lose customers. “I’m not just losing customers that come for lottery. When that person comes for lottery he comes for his gas and he comes to buy milk. And I’m losing that customer,” says Sahori. “You can come Rollette though and play lottery anytime. We have winners,” says Dunaway.

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