Stephenson County Sheriff Stresses Roadside Safety After Deadly Crash


Stephenson County Coroner confirms Lwe Vaw Mu, 33, of Rockford, was the man killed after he got out of his car on U.S. 20 near Freeport Tuesday to inspect a flat tire.

Police say those fixing flats need to know the reasons drivers can’t always see them. Stephenson County Sheriff David Snyders is warning drivers to follow roadside safety guidelines after Mu’s death. Investigators say the Rockford man pulled over to the median on U-S 20 near Freeport Tuesday morning. As two cars were approaching in the left lane, the first car changed lanes to avoid the man, but the car behind it didn’t have time.

The Sheriff says being detectable can be the difference in avoiding being hit on the highway.

“Turn on your emergency flashers,” said Snyders. “Even if you can turn on your headlights, just to make yourself more visible.”

Owner of Alber Towing, Greg Alber, agrees that being visible is crucial. He says it’s why his team always uses neon vests when out during calls.

“We wear safety vests,” said Alber. “I recommend that for every car, have a yellow reflective vest in the trunk.”

Still, Alber says his team is also constantly looking at the traffic because you never know if a driver is paying attention.

“We never trust drivers because there’s so much distraction out there now with the evolution of cell phones and everything.”

Sheriff Snyders says moving your vehicle over as much as possible is important in avoiding moving traffic when stopped.

“If you are experiencing a flat tire or some sort of break down with your vehicle, it’s best to try to get back over to the right shoulder.”

But if the shoulder is still too dangerous, experts suggest it’s safer to call a tow truck.The crash is still under investigation.

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