Stockton Fire Department Fights Fire Under Their Own Roof


Charred vehicles fill the Stockton fire department — an insurance inspector inside adding up the costs of Thursday’s blaze inside the building. Some vehicles badly damaged, others less seriously.

“We’ve suffered significant damage to four fire trucks, we got some damage to four other fire trucks, we’ve lost the garage doors on our building, and we possibly have a compromised ceiling in the station as well,” said Stockton’s Fire Department’s Fire Chief Randy Baysinger.

At least 100,000 dollars in damage overall- and possibly much more.

The fire was most likely caused by an electrical fault, but it is still under investigation.

The chief saying they will rebuild, be back, and that they would not let this get them down.

“It’s a very resilient bunch of firefighters that I have in this department, the guys really came together last night, we kind of spent some time, you know fellowship with each other last night, we’re picking up the pieces, we’re moving on, and we’ll be back as good as ever.”

Firefighters even having to answer an emergency call last night, only hours after dealing with their own loss.

They’ve been overwhelmed by the support from surrounding communities– with over 500 donations of boots, turnout gear, and helmets. And also this fire engine from Rosenbauer, the company that had previously provided three of those damaged in the fire.

One even came all the way from South Dakota.

“A lot of the people there are firefighters, so immediately when I made the call they jumped and started making things happen and here we are,” said Rosenbauer’s fire apparatus specialist Doug Quam, who also happens to be an ex-fireman himself.

“We’re letting the guys use it as long as they need to, and we’ll continue to help them out in any way that we can.”

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