Stop Signs Installed at “Dangerous” Boone Co. Intersection


The intersection where a bus crashed and injured a dozen people, including 10 children, has a new look and highway officials hope it’ll result in fewer traffic accidents.

This happened at the intersection of Beloit and Orth roads.  The four-way stop comes after an accident more than a week ago, where a car crashed into a Belvidere school bus.

“We have done everything possible to this point,” said Caledonia Highway Commissioner Norm Pierce.  “The trees have been trimmed, visibility is good.  People need to drive and not be distracted.”

The intersection received criticism from neighbors over the amount of traffic accidents caused by drivers speeding and not paying attention.

“There have been several accidents over the years here,” said Randy Boettcher who lives near the intersection.

Many of those accidents ended up in Boettcher’s front yard.  He hopes these new signs slow down drivers to make it safer for his daughter to play outside.

“We really don’t go past a certain part in the driveway because there’s accidents and they go into everyone’s yards.”

Although neighbors and highway officials hope the four way stop will make the intersection safer, some say it could take awhile.

“I think it will take awhile for people to realize there’s actually a stop sign there before they come to a complete stop.”

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