Storms Push Through Ogle County Leaving Serious Damage


Powerful winds caused damage, mainly in counties south of the Rockford area.  Trees fell on at least two homes.  In one case, a tree crashed through the ceiling at a Rochelle house, causing a commotion.  Surrounding neighborhoods felt similar effects from the storms.

Large trees uprooted from the ground, a grain elevator had toppled over, after Milledgeville saw 60-70 mile per hour wind gusts.  

“I heard some crackling a little bit and a big thud,” said Rochelle Resident Michael McCall.  “At that point, it clicked [with] me, I realized we just had a tree come down on our house.”  McCall’s Rochelle home got an unwanted addition.  A tree coming through the roof,  in photos taken by McCall, the tree could be seen protruding inside the home.  McCall was on the couch, while his mom was in the bathroom, completely unaware of what was going on.  She was panicking she was in the bathroom and that’s the main impact point,” said McCall.  “It’s kind of crazy and scary at the same time, to feel the house shake while you’re in the shower and to be in the dark.”

McCall called the Rochelle Fire Department to help when he noticed the tree had fallen on an electrical box.  “We went downstairs pulled the old style breakers,” said Rochelle Firefighter and Paramedic Jody Willis.  “We pulled the breakers out, so the power wouldn’t come back on a possibly start a fire.”  

It wasn’t just the McCall’s home that had damage.  Rochelle’s Fairways Golf Course had a tree snapped in half.

The Ogle County Sheriff’s Department blocked off a road to keep traffic away from downed power lines.

Fortunately, no one was hurt during the storms.

The Rochelle Fire Department called the Red Cross to help the McCall family.

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