Strong Mosquito Presence an Issue for Locals and Businesses


Swarms of Mosquitoes are making their presence known in the Stateline.  According to the Winnebago County Health Department, it may not be until our first stretch of cool fall temperatures or that winter freeze, will we get rid of the pesky insects.  Until then, local business owners are doing what they can for their visitors.

“The mosquito thing this year is absolutely crazy,” said Owner of Curran’s Orchard Pat Curran.  “I’ve been around for a lot of years and I’ve never ever seen it this bad.”

That’s the general consensus for anyone who’s been outside lately and for local business owners, the annoying pest has lived up to that name.

“I filled up my sprayer that we use in the Orchard.. I think this stuff will kill them,” said Curran. He walked through all of his fields and patches to try to get rid of them., but his methods didn’t stand a chance.  “Did it do any good? Honestly, I couldn’t tell because they’re that thick.”

Winnebago County Environmental Health Supervisor Ryan Kersh says it’s not clear why there are so many mosquitos, but conditions, similar to the rain and flooding in early September and late August.. may have had something to do with it.   “Anytime after a period of rain, we tend to see mosquitos especially the flood water mosquitos the breeding conditions are just right,” said Kersh. “Generally, following rain there tends to be an increased number of mosquitos”

“The mosquito population this year has really been high compared to the every year that we have ever harvested pumpkins before,” said Rod Kramer, Thyme and Again Farm Owner.   Kramer says he tells visitors it’s good idea to spray yourself with repellent before walking around and selecting from their gourds.  “It really is a nuisance,” said Kramer. “It’s annoying we have some young people that help us and it’s just been bothering them the full time we’ve picked pumpkins.”

” When we have people going out for an orchard field trip, they just swarm around,” said Curran.

The Winnebago County Health Department advises to wear long sleeves and pants when possible and always use repellent with deet.

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