Two Rockford Christian 8th Graders are on a mission.  The goal: to make sure the area’s homeless stay warm in the bone chilling winter cold.

The living room sofas at the Munch home are stacked with blankets.

“We are raising blankets for the Rockford Rescue Mission,” said Chase Fashing.

It’s an idea that started at the boys’ school.  Their teacher tasked each student with a project aimed at giving back.

“Rockford Rescue Mission was having a shortage of blankets because a lot of people check in there and not everyone has a blanket so we decided to help them out,” said Spencer Munch.

The goal is to collect 50 blankets, some even handmade.  But, they have already exceeded that goal with more than 70 donations from family and friends to people in the community.

“It’s very fulfilling to see people faces when they receive the blanket because you know you did a good thing,” said Munch.

Spencer’s mom, Lisa Munch, says it’s a lesson that goes beyond the classroom, to help teach the lesson of giving back and helping the lives of the Stateline’s most vulnerable.

“This gives them an opportunity as they grow and mature to think about others and to think about those people who have needs,” said Lisa Munch.  “The basic needs that have to be met, or haven’t been met and to contribute and help make a difference in someone else’s life.”

For anyone who’d like to donate, you can drop donations or blankets off at Rockford Christian School, or call the front office and request the blankets to be picked up by one of the boy’s mothers.