Study shows cigarette butts are the worst ocean contaminant

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While plastic straws seem to be the latest target by corporations to cut down on water pollution, studies show cigarette butts are actually the number one man made contaminate in the world’s oceans.

The Truth Initiative is an organization that uses funds from a legal settlement between state attorneys general and tobacco companies to deliver tough messages against smoking, and they have their sights set on eliminating cigarette butts.

The group used the publicly broadcasted video music award show to launch their new campaign against cigarette butts.

According to the cigarette butt pollution project, five-point-six trillion cigarettes manufactured worldwide every year are made with filters containing cellulose acetate – a form of plastic that can take a decade to decompose – and two thirds of those filters are dumped irresponsibly.

According to the Ocean Conservancy, for 32 consecutive years, cigarette butts have been the single most collected item on beaches.

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