Super Blue Blood Moon to Occur Wednesday Morning


Just a few months ago we got to experience a total solar eclipse–which hadn’t been seen since February of 1979.  But this year, we’re getting to see an astronomical event that hasn’t been seen since the 1800’s.

The last full moon was on January 1st–the last Supermoon back in December of 2016–and the last Blood Moon in September of 2015.  This year, we get to see all three at once, something that hasn’t happened in nearly 260 years.

Corinne Sosso, Director of Education and Programs at Discovery Center said, “Over 200 years ago was the last one that we had.  It doesn’t happen very often, but it’s gonna be exciting tomorrow morning.”

Sosso expressed her excitement for the rare event.  She’s been spreading it to the After-School Program at R.P.S. 205 showing kids the details behind the event.

Sosso said, “We’re teaching kids.  We’re teaching kids in the afterschool program in Rockford 205.  So they’ve got moon cookies, they’ve got a moon wheel, they’re gonna learn all this stuff.”

So how is the Super Blue Blood Moon put together?  It starts with a Lunar Eclipse, where the earth is dividing the direct path between the sun and the moon.  Along with that, we’re seeing the Blue Moon, the second full moon that takes place at the end of each month.  Lastly, the moon is at the location in its orbit where it’s closest to the earth.  Because of this, we get a full view of how the sunlight scatters around the earth, giving the moon its blood red color.

However–Sosso’s way was more fun.

Sosso adds, “Take this cookie and unscrew it, and there’s a full moon.  Then you take your knife and turn it into a half moon, so you can show different phases of the moon.”

Her teaching method not only engaged the kids, but the adults as well.  Sossa looks forward to hearing everyone’s reactions when they witness this breath-taking phenomenon.

Sosso added, “Space rocks.”

You can watch the Super Blue Blood Moon process take place from 5:45 Wednesday morning until 7:05am.  We’ll have complete coverage on our morning news tomorrow, right here on WTVO-17.

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