Super Bowl LI: The NFL Experience


When you think of Super Bowl LI, you think of the Atlanta Falcons and New England Patriots. But there’s much more to the Super Bowl than the teams. 

It’s five days from kickoff but there’s plenty to do. The Super Bowl has turned into a week-long celebration.

That’s why cities compete to host the event. Part of the celebration is the NFL Experience, and guests say it is an experience.

You could say Evelyn White is a regular at these things. She’s been involved with the NFL Experience for six years. She says this year’s event inside the Convention Center is one of the largest she’s seen.

She’s excited about the event. “Adults can get out here and act like kids. Interactives, games, you can do virtual reality that the NFL has where you’re on the field like you’re playing a game. Nickelodeon has a slime tank you can do. They have a small mini NFL combine where you can all the things players do when they want to get drafted, know your times and do obstacle courses and it goes on for days.”

Evelyn is in charge of “Play Football”. They run 30-minute football clinics for kids on the indoor field. She says some days 50-60 thousand fans will experience the NFL Experience. “You can go up there like you’re getting drafted, pick your team, wear a jersey, and they’ll film it, send it to you.”

There are so many exhibits, so many volunteers and workers. Evelyn takes a week off from her real job to work the Super Bowl. She says She wouldn’t miss it for the world.

She’s absolutely committed. “I know what it entails. Long long hours, no sleep. Living in a hotel for a week but I’m not going to complain because there’s a lot of people that will kill to be in these shoes. I’m very very grateful to have it and I’ll continue to do it as long as they bring me back.”

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