Surgeon who signed his initials on patients’ organs loses medical license


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HEREFORDSHIRE, England (WTVO) – An English surgeon has lost his medical license after officials discovered he branded his initials on patients’ organs.

Simon Bramhall, 57, admitted to using an argon beam to write ‘SB’ on the organs of two patients at a Birmingham hospital in 2013. According to the Guardian, the Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service (MPTS) found on Jan. 11 that his actions indicated “professional arrogance” and “undermined” the public’s trust.

Bramhall said this was to relieve tension after stressful surgeries. Another surgeon first discovered his actions during a follow-up surgery on one of the patients, taking a picture on a mobile phone. Bramhall was then suspended, and he resigned from the hospital in 2014.

During a 2018 sentencing hearing, Bramhall admitted to two counts of assault by beating, receiving a nearly $14,000 fine and year-long community order. At this time, Bramhall heard one of his patients suffered “serious psychological harm” from the branding.

Bramhall later received a five-month suspension in December 2020, which was revoked in June 2021 at a review hearing that found his “fitness to practice was no longer impaired.”

A high court rejected the United Kingdom’s General Medical Council’s appeal against the revocation, so the MPTS reviewed the case. They found that a suspension was not enough to protect the public from Bramhall, and that losing his license altogether is an “appropriate and proportionate sanction.”

“The physical assault of two vulnerable patients whilst unconscious in a clinical setting…seriously undermines patients’ and the public’s trust and confidence in the medical profession,” the MPTS said. “[It] inevitably brings the profession as a whole into disrepute.”

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