Suspected DUI driver passes out in car while holding up drive-thru line at Taco Bell


A suspected DUI driver who wanted to ring in the new year with some tacos at Taco Bell did not get what he ordered after police caught him passed out in the drive-thru line early Tuesday.

According to the Petaluma Police Department, 23-year-old Abel Macedonio-Gutierrez of Sonoma was reportedly passed out and suspected to be driving under the influence as he was still parked in the drive-thru line at the Taco Bell on East Washington Street. 

When contacted by officers, Macedonio-Gutierrez was uncooperative and displayed signs of impairment, according to police. 

Authorities say he denied drinking or using drugs before driving and refused to submit to any tests or evaluations for the presence of alcohol and/or drugs. 

Police say Macedonio-Gutierrez was eventually arrested for suspicion of DUI. 

Because Macedonio-Gutierrez refused to submit to a chemical test per DMV requirement, a warrant was ordered and he was booked into the Sonoma County Jail. 

Macedonio-Gutierrez faces a one-year DMV suspension of his driving privilege for his refusal. 

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