Suspected Rockford Burglar Caught on Video


A Rockford neighborhood is on high alert after a burglar targets cars.  One resident caught the suspect in the act on security camera.  Jose Velasco shared the surveillance video, as the suspect sifts through his belongings with Eyewitness News.

“We all get along, we all know each other, it’s someone new in this area,” said Velasco. The home surveillance video shows a man burglarizing a car on Lapey Street, around 3:30 a.m. on Tuesday.  “When I came out. my car door was open. I saw the officer passing by, I flagged him down and he did his thing.”

This isn’t the only incident involving this suspected burglar.  Police say he targeted at least one other home in the area.  “A couple weeks ago my neighbors across the street, their cars got hit,” said Velasco. “We’re concerned.  Out of the six years we’ve been here, this has never happened.”

In the recording, the man has facial hair and a drawstring bag, he walks up to Velasco’s car in his driveway.  He opens the door and reaches in and only taking loose change.  As he walks out of the camera’s line of sight, Velasco says he went past his gate, into his garage and stole belongings he had in there.  All while the family was sleeping inside.  “He went inside my yard.  I mean, what is he thinking of doing to do next,” asked Velasco. “Is he thinking about going into the houses now?”  

Velasco says his two dogs inside may have had something to do with the suspect running off.  “Something did spook him because he dropped some stuff in my yard and police grabbed it and they’re saying they’re going to get the fingerprints off of it.”  Police also found a prescription pill bottle that the thief had swiped. 

Velasco admits his car doors were unlocked, but says he’ll be more vigilant just in case the suspect comes back.  “Just going to be more cautious now, and were going to be on the watch and I’m going to talk to my neighbors about getting a neighborhood watch going.”

Anyone with information on this case or know who the suspect is should call Rockford Police or Crime Stoppers.

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