Suspected serial killer caught in Texas

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Authorities say Jose Rodriguez, a recently released parolee, went on a crime spree, killing three people.

Sheriff Ed Gonzalez, Harris County Sherriff’s Department, said, “We were fearful again he could take other lives and I’m just thankful none of our deputies were hurt in this or other citizens.”

Thursday morning, after a brief chase, authorities in Houston, Texas surrounded a grey Nissan Sentra Rodriguez was driving, a vehicle they say belonged to one of his murder victims.

Investigators believe Rodriguez, a parolee who, until last September, had been in prison for 28 years, cut off his GPS monitor within the last two weeks and went on a killing spree.

Sheriff Gonzalez said, “We’re relieved because again there was a pistol in his vehicle so, we’re just relieved no one else got hurt.”

Authorities say Rodriguez’s trail of crime turned deadly on July 13th, when they found 62-year-old Pamela Johnson bound and shot to death inside her Houston home.

The next day, another female victim, 28-year-old Allie Barrow, was found dead inside a Mattress Firm store.

Then, two days later, on Monday morning, police say a Metrolift driver was shot and robbed at a gas station. That victim is now in critical condition.

Hours after that shooting, another gruesome discovery: a 57-year-old man found shot to death inside a Mattress One store, the third victim to be killed in this crime spree.

According to court records, Rodriguez is a registered sex offender who served time for a sex crime against a 16-year-old girl. He also has convictions for burglary, auto theft and criminal trespass.

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