Suspensions Hit 8-Year Low at Rockford Public Schools


New data from the Illinois State Board of Education shows the amount of suspensions within Rockford Public Schools is down over the past near decade.

The current suspension rate is at an eight-year low.

The number of students suspended during the 2008-2009 school year was 5,626 compared to 2,885 last school year. That amounts to a 65% decrease in the number of suspensions and 49% decrease in the number of students suspended.

“Student discipline has been a point of discussion at the state and national level, and we want to be part of that narrative because we have good news to share,” said RPS 205 Deputy Superintendent Matt Vosberg. “Our data shows we are excelling at improving the learning environment for our students.”

Administrators say they attribute the decrease to parent involvement, monitoring hallway and cafeteria periods, student engagement, increased participation in extra curricular activities, as well as other factors.

Also playing a part is a law passed with bi-partisan support in 2015 that went into effect in Illinois last year aimed at reducing the amount of suspensions and expulsions throughout the state, attempting to make them last resorts when it comes to student punishment.

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