Syrian Refugee Now Unable to Visit Sick Daughter in Turkey


“There was fear, there were bombs, there was artillery, we were dressed to move out in any moment,” said Syrian Refugee Maha Hussein.

Hussein is still living through the trauma of the Syrian war. Her family and she just escaped it more than a year ago, but now they all face a new fear.

“We were running away from terror, from war zones and we came here and now we’re worried what’s going to happen to us,” said Hussein. “What’s going to happen to our beloved ones who are not here with us?”

President Trump issued an Executive Order Friday to temporarily ban visas from Syria, Yemen, Somalia, Sudan, Iran, Iraq and Libya. They all have a Muslim majority population and ties to terrorism.

But, the ban stops Hussein from seeing her daughter Eman, who is stuck alone in Turkey, dealing with breast cancer.
“After what Trump did, they’re very scared,” said Hussein.

 But State Representative John Cabello, a Trump supporter, says the Executive Order is only temporary and is to help keep everyone safe.

“That’s the role of the federal government; to make sure that we are here safe, that our homeland is protected,” said Cabello. “We need to do everything that we can to make sure that bad people from other countries don’t come into ours to cause havoc and or terrorism.”

“I’m hoping that there is some truth to that. However, since Syrian refugees came to America, nobody cited any act of terrorism by these people, as a fact they’re victims of terror and they’re running from terror,” said Hussein.

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