Tax Hike Part of Budget Plan for Illinois, Residents React


Americans are celebrating the independence of the country, however, some residents had something else on their minds – the looming cloud of the state budget and the possible tax hike.

The state is close to ending a three year debate on the budget. One of the biggest items to come out of it is the income tax hike. If the spending plan passes, the rate will increase to nearly five percent. Local resident, Ron Zeenor, questions what it’ll be used for.

“When they talk about raising all these taxes, I don’t really think the common man knows where it’s going,” said Zeenor.

According to U.S. census data, the Land of Lincoln has lost more residents than any state in the country three years in a row, about 37,000 last year alone. One of the biggest reasons residents feel overtaxed.

“It’s no way to make any money and the money you do make it goes to taxes.”

Dee Vance has lived in Rockford her whole life. However, with a second tax hike since 2011 waiting in the wings, she is considering leaving the only place she’s ever known and moving north into the Badger State.

“I personally am tired of paying for it,” said Vance. “That’s why were talking about moving.”

Ron Zeenor is not a big fan of the new budget, but  says it’s better than no budget.

“Here we are at a 4th of July celebration and you’ve got all these little kids running around here, having a great day,” said Zeenor. “What if they close all of our state parks and recreation area and so forth?”
Credit ratings companies are following the budget vote closely. Currently, Illinois has avoided being downgraded to junk status. That can change if the budget isn’t passed soon. House Democrats say they plan on overriding the Governor’s veto on Thursday.

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