ST. CLAIR, Mo. (WTVO) — A high school English teacher was placed on leave after the school discovered she had been performing on the OnlyFans pornography site.

According to The St. Louis Dispatch, Brianna Coppage, 28, said she was put on leave at St. Clair High School last Wednesday after the district was notified about her extra-curricular activities.

“It was kind of always like this cloud hanging over my head, like I never knew when I would be discovered,” Coppage said. “Then, about two weeks ago, my husband and I were told that people were finding out about it. So I knew this day was coming.”

Coppage said she joined OnlyFans to supplement her teaching salary, which is $42,000. She said she made $8,000 to $10,000 per month on the adult website.

She told the Dispatch she suspected the school district was notified after she and her husband appeared with two other OnlyFans performers who have a substantial following.

“(The district says) they haven’t made a decision yet, but I’m just kind of putting the pieces together that I am not coming back,” Coppage said. “I’m very aware that I am probably never going to teach again, but that was kind of the risk I knew I was taking. I am sad about that. I do miss my students.”

She said she has no plans to stop posting on the site.