Teachers head back to school to apply modern technology to the classroom


More than 180 teachers from all across the Catholic Diocese of Rockford went back to high school for a day, as Boylan Catholic High School hosted a special training session to empower educators to integrate technology into all aspects of learning.

Teachers from all nine schools in the Rockford Deanery took part in a day long training session on the topic of integrating new technology into the classroom.

They learned about things such as Google Slides and how to use YouTube for teaching.

Organizers of the event say it is important to include teachers of all grade levels, since students are learning technology skills at younger ages.

“Not too long ago, some of these tech skills were maybe only being shared in the middle schools and high schools,” said Boylan Principal Chris Rozanski. “We’re seeing that they’re starting to trickle down to our primary grades as well, and it’s good. That gives them all the foundation and basic skills that they’ll need, so they can be successful as they move from grade to grade.”

After attending the event, teachers say they are better equipped to use technology in their lessons, even for the youngest students.

“Even my 5 and 6-year-old students can teach me things that I did not know,” said Linda Goodwin, who teaches kindergarten at Holy Family. “They’re very adept at iPads and things like that, so we learn together.”

Teachers also got the chance to talk to their peers from other schools, sharing best practices.

“That way, everybody’s becoming a little bit more familiar with what’s going well in their classrooms and gathering ideas. [There’s] no sense to live in silos, in education. If we can continue to share, we will do so,” said Rozanski.

Boylan hosts similar training sessions for all K-through-12th grade teachers every other year.

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