Technology Making 2018 Easier For You


For the New Year, I wanted to help those who might not be the best when it comes to understanding new technology.

I had a chance to tour the Verizon store in Machesney Park, and find out why you should become more tech savvy this year.

With the help of Verizon’s solution manager, Mike Pendergrass, we are showing off the technology that will make this year a whole lot easier for you, starting with smartphones.

“The nice thing [about] Samsung’s line is [that] they offer three kind of sizes in their lineup,” says Pendergrass. “So you have the S8 in the middle, and S8 Plus here on the right. Then we have the bigger guy, the Note 8 on the left.”

Another neat spec to note, is that smartphones are now on the same level with most name brand televisions.

“So the Galaxy lineup uses OLED displays, so on those big new LG TVs, we see at Best Buy that we sorta drool over, [they’re the] same displays that are in here,” says Pendergrass. “So you’re getting basically not 4k resolution, but 2k resolution on all of your phones and they can take pictures on that level too and record in 4k.”

My journey to make you Stateliners tech savvy would continue and lead me to the Google Home.

“When you need help with something, or you have a question that your kids are asking you and you don’t know the answer…You can just vocally talk to it…” says Pendergrass.

“So I can be like, “hey Google who is the president of the United States? And it”ll answer.”

For the parents who are always arguing with their kid for touching the thermostat, well switching to the Google Nest could help you win the battle of heat and AC control for good.

It connects through the WiFi in your house and allows you to control the temperature even when you’re not home.

And for new mothers, I found the product that will make baby monitors a thing of the past, it’s the Google Nest Camera.

“You can basically put these around your house, they’re all WiFi connected cameras and you can view them from your smartphone anywhere in the world,” says Pendergrass.

From phones, speakers. thermostats, and cameras, these are the products that will take your tech savviness to the next level.

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