Thawing Water Lines by Open Flame Likely to Blame for Rockton Fire

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A utility worker trying to thaw water lines with an open flame appears to be to blame for a two alarm fire in Rockton Wednesday afternoon.

Fire officials say the call came in for a residential structure fire at the home at 623 W. Union around 4:30 p.m. They say a contractor met them outside the home, saying he was trying to thaw the water lines.

While officials haven’t confirmed the open flame was at fault just yet, they do say there are better ways to thaw pipes if they freeze.

“We encourage them to try to use a hair dryer or some type of heat source,” said Rockton Fire Chief Kirk Wilson. “They do make wrap, electrical wrap, that actually wraps around your pipe so if you do have problems with frozen water lines, or things of that nature, that would be the best way to go.”

There was a woman and her dog inside the home at the time, but both were able to make it out safely. There were no injuries.

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