The Kingdom Authority v. City of Rockford Civil Suit Continued Wednesday


Wednesday was the second day of the Kingdom Authority Church v. City of Rockford civil suit. It was a day that saw three people take the stand. 

The case involves the Kingdom Authority Church alleging in their civil suit that Officers Poole and North unnecessarily put young children at risk when they pursued and eventually killed Mark Barmore in 2009.

First, Officer Oda Poole discussed what happened on that day in 2009 from his perspective.

Secondly, Sergeant Mark Jacobi — the supervisor of officers Poole and North — took the stand to break down the events that took place that day from his point of view.

The last person to take the stand was Shelia Floyd Brown, the director of the daycare located within the church.

Officer Poole got into a confrontation with Barmore in the basement of the church — a room where many children between the ages of six and twelve were located. It culminated in Poole shooting Barmore in the neck, followed by Officer North shooting four rounds into Barmore.

Poole described the scene leading up to the shooting of Barmore:

“He pointed his gun at my face in this manner, his hands were wrapped around the barrel of my gun. I transitioned my hand, grabbed the top of his hand which was on the muzzle of my gun, and pushed it back in his direction and when I thought I had it in a spot where it would hit him if I pulled the trigger at that point I fired the handgun,” he said.

There were also conflicting statements by Officer Poole and Sergeant Jacobi. Poole claims that he tried to block the dead body of Barmore with a wooden object to prevent the children from seeing it. Later in the day, Jacobi claimed he did not see any object blocking the view of the body.

The testimony will continue on Thursday.

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