The NAACP introduces RVC Trustees candidates to voters


Next week voters will go to the polls across the state of Illinois. One of the bigger races at stake is that for Rock Valley College Trustees. The NAACP hosted an event aimed at introducing the candidates to voters.

“I needed to see who they are, so I can be well informed when I go in to vote on Tuesday,” resident Norma Joseph said.

Tuesday marks another election day and for the Rock Valley College Board of Trustees. Four empty seats will be filled after residents cast their votes, but with 16 candidates, residents want to find out more to see who they think is best suited for the job to help. Rockford’s NAACP branch held a forum allowing west side residents the chance to meet candidates face-to-face

“Hear whether you agree or disagree with their philosophy, you at least know you can look at who the person is, hear what they’re saying and it gives you an opportunity to make a more informed decision,” Joseph said.

“The Rock Valley College Trustees are a big part of our community,” NAACP President Rhonda Greer Robinson said.

11 of the 16 candidates attended. Each gave a brief statement about why they wanted the seat and then answered questions from residents.

Organizers wanted to  bring the candidates to a part of the city that doesn’t get as much attention to see what they would do to change.

“Make sure we give economically challenged communities and disenfranchised communities the opportunity to speak their peace, to see how the candidates plan on creating access. You know in Rockford that’s the big thing, access,” Chair for Ed. and Housing for NAACP Antonio Turner said. “We have a million smart children and nobody’s taking the time to come into this environment
to recruit them and try to help them move on and advance them like they do in other neighborhoods”

The election is this Tuesday and organizers say everyone has a stake in this race, even if you or no one you know attend Rock Valley College.

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