Thief breaks into home on Highcrest Road while occupants were sleeping


Melissa Perez remembers the night her home, on Highcrest Road, was broken into while she, her fiancee, and five children were asleep inside.

“What if I hadn’t heard that? What if I hadn’t woken up? Would he have just taken everything possible from that room and left, or what if he would’ve opened, God forbit, one of my children’s doors?”

Perez says she never thought she would have to worry about her safety in that way, in her own neighborhood.

“I lived on a very bad side of Rockford for twelve years and had nothing happen, so I figured this was a good neighborhood,” she said.

The thief broke into her house on April 9th. Since then, she says two more homes and a car were burglarized in her area.

One of the home’s doorbell surveillance camera even recorded the suspect.

Rockford Police have not made an arrest in the case yet. Perez says she isn’t taking any more chances.

“We have sensors all over the house, cameras all over the house,” she said. “We have metal bars now, for our patio doors. It’s not right. It’s unfortunate that you have to go to those extreme measures, but now we’ve taken the highest precauction [sic] measures that you can.”

Even though Perez was spooked by the intruder, she doesn’t want to ruin a young person’s life over the items that he allegedly took.

She just wants the thief to know what he did is wrong.

“[I want him to] tell me he’s sorry, and maybe do that to the other neighbors and just apologize and give the stuff back,” she said. “It’s just so unfortunate that all of these kids are so out of control these days. It’s unfortunate.”

Rockford Police say the investigation is “active” and offered no comment, but remind homeowners to keep track of serial numbers on important items, so if they are stolen, they can be matched up and returned if found.

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