Thousands Restored for Winnebago County 911 Center


Winnebago County’s 911 Center needs money to get through the end of the year.  The center needs about $30 thousand to be fully staffed the rest of the fiscal year.  After this one- month approval, The County Board Chairman and Sheriff both say they’re ready to move on to bigger financial issues facing the county.

“The main thing right now we deal with the short term staffing,” said Winnebago County Board Chairman Frank Haney.  Thursday Night’s Winnebago County Board Meeting members approved a $31,000 budget amendment for 5 dispatchers and two supervisors.

“This was a good decision tonight to do what they did,” said Winnebago County Sheriff Gary Caruana.  “And fund so I can start hiring back 911 operators.”  The fund would allot salaries for the final month of the fiscal year, which ends September 30, 2018.  “What were saying going forward is staffing should be at that level lets build everything else around that,” said Haney. He agrees that 911 dispatchers are a priority and says approving the measure can help return focus to long-term solutions.  “The short term [is] 911 budget amendment, the long term solution is where we want to build our alignment on.”

This comes after the Sheriff was asked to slash $4.3 million from his budget last October.  Both the board chairman and the sheriff say conversations are more productive and they’re optimistic about the future.

“When a group gets together, they form, they norm, they storm, and perform,” said Sheriff Caruana. “Were coming out of the storming and performing which is good.”

“That will help in a positive way set the stage,” said Chairman Haney.  “As we go into next years well, it ramps us at the right time.”

Long term solutions include alignment of communication between the Winnebago County Board and the Sheriff’s Department.

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