Thousands Sign Anti-Retirement Tax Petitions at Capitol

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15,000 petitions are circulating through the Capitol all telling lawmakers “no” to taxing retirement income.

There isn’t any push to tax retirement, but AARP is being proactive. They don’t want lawmakers to solve the budget crisis on the backs of the state’s seniors, so they’re sending the message via petitions.

AARP officials delivered more than 15,000 signed petitions to the offices of the governor and other leaders asking them to prevent the state from taxing their income.

One year ago, AARP released a survey of of individuals 50 and older around the state, revealing a nearly 90% rate of opposition to taxing retirement income.

They say Illinois is the fifth worst in the state in terms of tax rates and a tax on retirement income would be unfair. After the survey, AARP mailed petitions to members in the state asking them to sign on to efforts opposing the tax.

AARP officials say state leaders need to take a deeper look at all taxes and find a fair tax reform approach to raise revenue.

In 2015, the survey showed more than 90% believed a tax on retirement income would have a negative impact.

Nearly 60% would consider moving to another state. Nearly 70% would be forced to reduce household spending and one-third would have to return to the workforce.

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