ROCKFORD, Ill. (WTVO) — Carlos Garcia said he’s visiting Rockford from West Chicago this weekend, to support his son at the Illinois Kids Wrestling Federation state tournament at the BMO Center.

“I knew if was going to be big; I didn’t realize it was this big,” he said Friday.

Garcia also said he was thrilled to check out Rockford.

“There are hundreds of people here today. You can see how much it’s grown,” he said. “I know Rockford is excited to have all the teams here and to host it.”

Lindsay Arellano, the vice president of sales and service for the Rockford Area Visitor and Conventions Bureau, said, “The wrestling tournament is a state tournament, so there are kids and people here from all across the state of Illinois.”

Rockford is also hosting the 2023 Amateur Athletic Union Rockin’ Rockford Grand Prix volleyball tournament at the UW Health Sports Factory, at 305 S. Madison Street.

Arellano said the events not only bring new people to the city, but also bring in a lot of revenue for local businesses.

“We expect our hotels to be full, the restaurants are going to be full. Hopefully our stores and sights and attractions will be full,” she said.

Garcia said he plans to return in the future.

“I’m definitely visiting again,” he said. “It’s my first time here. I didn’t realize it has everything you need: restaurants, the venue, other events at the venue. So, yeah, we will be checking it out, for sure.”

The RAVBC estimates the city will bring in over $2 million from transportation, hotels, and restaurants this weekend.