Threat Made Against Stillman Valley High School, Parents Pull Students Out

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About half of the parents at Stillman Valley High School pulled their kids out of class on Friday  after a student found a threatening message written in a stall in the girl’s bathroom.

School leaders say the threat indicated something could happen at a specific time, but that time passed without incident.

For students that stayed in class, the superintendent says the staff spoke with them about the nature of the threat and assured them that their safety was not in any danger.

“Today was probably the best drill we could ever do for our kids,” said Superintendent PJ Caposey.  “We talked through, and thought through, more situations and crisis management than we could ever do in a normal drill.  So, given that everyone left our school safe and healthy… we’re going to use it as a way to get better at our emergency planning and do a better job protecting our kids and collaborating with our partners.”

Extra police officers were stationed across the Meridian School District, not just at Stillman Valley High on Friday, as a precaution.  Those officers are expected to be on hand for school on Monday.

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