Tick Season Expected To Be Worse Than Ever


Tick season is here and it could one of the worst seasons in years.    

“I am concerned,” said Elizabeth Primrose, a mother who spent the day with her kids at Rock Cut State Park Wednesday.  

“It’s due to the mild winter climate that we experienced,” said Boone County Health Department Administrator Amanda Mehl. “The weather didn’t drop down cold enough to kill off the eggs of the ticks over the winter.”

Parents at Rock Cut State Park say they try to be as careful as possible when enjoying the outdoors.

“[When you’re] wiping off the bug spray, it would also do a double check for ticks,” said Primrose.

“We just always look each other over when we go home,” said Andrea Frieden, another visitor at the park. “[We have to] make sure we don’t have ticks on each other.”

The Boone County Health Department advises that those who spend time outside take other preventative measures as well.

“Wear light colored, protective clothing, so whether it’s long sleeve shirts or long trousers,” said Mehl, “[Wear] boots if they’re going to be hiking. We definitely recommend applying insect repellent, so DEET would work just fine.”

Some of the diseases ticks carry include Lyme Disease or Rocky Mountain spotted fever. Mehl says a diagnosis can be tricky since symptoms could easily be mistaken for the flu.

“If you are working outdoors, or spending a lot of time outdoors, you begin to experience symptoms that are similar to flu-like symptoms,” Mehl says you can suggest to your doctor to test for Lyme Disease.

In Illinois, adult ticks are most active in April, May and June.

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