Todd Smith Trial Continues with Testimony from Guy Gabriel


Todd Smith walked into the courtroom to once again. This time, in the same room as the man his wife was having an affair with.
Guy Gabriel took the witness stand and read aloud the text messages he sent Katrina the night she disappeared.

“There was a text that she was very frustrated while she was at Todd’s because he started talking about adopting again, I guess that was a topic prior,” said Gabriel. “I guess she was just frustrated that he was grasping at straws and trying to talk her into staying.”

Gabriel’s texts and testimony indicate that Katrina Smith wanted to divorce Todd but hadn’t told him that yet.
Gabriel said he urged her to come clean.

“Just encouraging her to be open and honest, to let people know how she felt at home, about their relationship, her desire to get out, again for her to be open and honest and just communicate what exactly is going on,” said Gabriel.

But text messages indicated Katrina was scared of how Todd would react.

“What she had told me about her apprehension to share and the reason she wouldn’t share was because of his reaction,” said Gabriel.

Prosecutors allege the night of that text exchange was the night Todd Smith killed Katrina.
Detective John Berg also took to the stand and says that two days after Katrina’s disappearance, Todd smith behaved “oddly” after being questioned by authorities.

“His face was crunched, his eyes, his facial expression was kind of scrunched, he was rubbing with his hands both sides of his head, he was looking down in kind of a motion like this, as he was walking out of the station,” said Winnebago County Sheriff’s Office Detective John Berg.

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