Top Cuts’ Tourney for Rock House Kids


The rock house for kids is a safe haven for rockford youths, giving them a place to go in their free time To learn and play. But it costs money to keep the kids’ needs met.  Saturday Top Cut Comics joined witih Rock House Kids to raise money for the organization.  Stephan Ruszczak, the Owner of Top Cut Comics says, “We are the community. There are a lot of people in the room over there who has been in the exact same situation that Rock House is helping.”

All the players at the tournament are battling not just against each other but against the violence happening in their community.  Austin Pearse one of the tournament players, “it’s a fantastic card game. Everybody gives us a lot of crap they’re usually like ‘oh nerds playing magic’ but it’s a lot more than that, it’s people coming together and enjoying what they do.”  

Magic is quite the intricate card game, it’s one using mind games and strategy to throw off your opponent.  Travis Andrews, a volunteer for Top Cut Comics 4th Annual Forest City Community, says, “it’s a mix between poker and chess. Players battle each other back and forth and they’ll use spells, monsters and other different things to try and help defeat the other opponent.”  

These players aren’t just playing for bragging rights.. their raising money for this year’s charity: Rock house kids.  “The gaming community is often an untapped resource for that. We have people from all walks of life from high school students to engineers at sun strand, so we the opportunity to do something that usually isn’t done in the area”, said Ruszczak.

Rock House Kids Executive Director Deanna Lacny says Saturday’s tournament will really help expand their resources and needs. This is the same organization which 15-year-old Za’shawn Coats, Monday’s shooting victim, was once a part of.
“Right now the kids are being bullied so bad at school and on the streets even that at rock house they don’t have to be. They’re safe there and they can just be a kid,” said Lacny

The planeswalkers are doing their part to make a difference, one spell at a time.
“By reaching out and making the community better the store is growing as well the players getting out and experiencing what’s going on in the community instead of just being sheltered in in the little comics things we do”, said Andrews. The proceeds from Saturday’s tournament will help provide food for the children who use Rock House Kids to eat after school.  The biggest needs, due to the low temperatures are blankets so survive this winter.

**Correction to Saturday’s broadcast: Za’Shawn Coats passed away on Monday. The community held his vigil held on Wednesday. Brett apologies for this error.

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