Tornado likely touched down east of Madison Thursday

deerfield tornado_1533920084361.PNG.jpg

Strong winds damaged a building and caused a gas leak in one Wisconsin town on Thursday.

Witnesses say they saw what looked like a tornado and the National Weather Service agrees that’s probably what it was.

The strong winds ripped into the International Machinery Exchange, a business on the north east side of Deerfield. The small town, with a population of about 2,000, is 20 miles east of Madison.

The likely tornado hit the business after hours, but some people were still inside.

“We were in the front office and my daughter said, ‘Dad, I think a tornado’s coming, what should we do?’ And by the time she said that, it was pretty much over,” said Jeff Klemp, who was inside the business at the time.

The winds lasted long enough to cause major damage to the International Machinery Exchange building, including damaging its main gas pipe. That led to an evacuation of the area.

No injuries were reported.

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