Tropical Sno taking some heat after “Burning Noose” snow-cone flavor


PITTSBURG, Kan. (KSN) — A Kansas shaved ice stand is taking some heat after a photo of their menu which features a questionable flavor went viral.

The owner says he never thought being kind and accommodating a customer’s request would garner such sour feedback.

“I’m not even going to have the flavor anymore, I guess.” Owner David Schaper says. “It’s caused so much controversy.”

Tropical Sno in Pittsburg has been serving nearly 600 flavors of shaved ice for 28 years, but a viral post circulating on social media over one questionable flavor on the menu is bringing the heat.

Schaper adds, “I didn’t know anything about it until it suddenly bloomed up out of really almost nowhere.”

A number of people are upset about a flavor called “burning noose” which offers a combination of grape, watermelon, and cotton candy.

Pitsburg residents, like Michael Rodriguez, say the name seems “pretty discriminatory” with the flavor being a burning noose.

But Schaper says it wasn’t his idea: “A young African-American man, 10 or more years ago, came with his friend. They would come with friends, and he wanted to make this flavor.”

He took to Facebook to apologize and further explained the origin of the flavor, adding “He chose the flavors, and he chose the ingredients of it.”

After seeing the comments, the young man who created the flavor, Keenan Carter, came to Dave’s defense.

“We saw the opportunity to make a flavor there,” Carter says. “We thought it would be fun, so we went down there trying to think of what flavors we would put into it, and we came up with the ‘burning noose’.”

Carter says he was young, but it was never his intention to offend anyone.

The flavor has since been removed and replaced with a new one… “busy bee”

Schaper adds, “If somebody wants to rename it or something like that, then we can talk about doing that but other than that, we’re not going to have the flavor anymore.”


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