Trump’s border wall estimated to cost each U.S. resident $17

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President Trump’s border wall on the U.S./Mexico border is estimated to cost $5.7 billion – which sounds like a lot, but is actually a small amount compared to the federal government’s entire $4 trillion budget.

According to KHQA, the border would cost the 328 million tax paying residents of the United States about $17 each.

“It may seem like a lot of expenditure, but compared to Social Security expenditures, Medicare expenditures, defense expenditures, which comes out to hundreds or even thousands of dollars per person it’s not a large amount,” said Pete Sepp of the National Taxpayers Union.

Democrats in Congress are refusing to allocate any money for the wall, instead offering $1.3 billion toward border security.

Rep. David Cicilline (D-R.I.) told KHQA, “We have the responsibility to be guardians of taxpayer money in responsible way this is a colossal waste for money.”

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