‘Trumpy Bear’ complete with Trump’s ‘signature hair’ could really be yours


President Trump is officially among the greats who have had stuffed animals named after them. 

Take Teddy Roosevelt and the Teddy Bear for example. Or William Howard Taft and Billy Possum. 

Let’s now fast forward to 2018 where we have Donald Trump and “Trumpy Bear.”

It’s basically a teddy bear complete with President Trump’s “signature locks,” a tie, collar, and shirt cuffs. 

There’s even a “secret” pouch which stores an American flag-themed blanket.

The commercial says Trumpy Bear is “great for all American holidays.”

To weed out all the fakes  Trumpy Bear also comes with a certificate of authenticity. 

For a cool $39.90 plus $6.95 shipping, Trumpy Bear could be yours. 

Trumpy Bear reportedly made his television debut on Fox News on Monday. 

The two-minute commercial began with a little monologue: “The wind whispered through the forest, ‘A storm is coming. You cannot defeat the storm … I fear nothing.” 

While the internet had a field day thinking it was some silly ad playing out much like “Saturday Night Live,” it turns out the bear is real. 

The company that holds Trumpy Bear’s copyright is Exceptional Products Inc., a Texas marketing company also responsible for as-seen-on-TV products like Plaque Attack, HairDini, and Save A Blade.

In a “vision statement” Exception Products sent to Snopes, Lange says that the creature comes from a desire to update the teddy bear (which was named after President Theodore Roosevelt) and assures that the product is “not a joke.”

Trumpy Bear has reportedly existed since 2017, but is only now making waves since the advertisement just aired this week. 

The internet continues to have a field day with this one. 

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