Two Men Charged In Longwood Shooting


Winnebago County and Rockford law enforcement officials announced arrests in a violent crime that left an innocent bystander shot in the head.

Perriyon King and Edmond Lilly are charged with several felony counts, including attempted first degree murder. 69-year-old veteran Dick Griffin was hit in the crossfire when the two men began shooting at one another near Longwood and Rural back in April, according to prosecutors.

“Mr. Griffin had sustained a gunshot wound to the head,” said Winnebago County Criminal Bureau Chief Marilyn Hite-Ross. “[He] was taken to the hospital for his injuries. He is still being treated.”

Rockford Police Chief Dan O’Shea says cases with innocent bystanders being the victims of violence always come as a shock to the community.  “A victim who is doing nothing wrong, not engaged in criminal activity, as in this case, just driving home and they’re struck with violence and become victims of violence. It takes it to whole new level.”

Doug Dyer is a good friend of Griffin, who, his family says on their Gofundme page, remains in a vegetative state.  “It’s just a tragedy for what happened to him. Thank God for the police department in catching these bad guys. Get them off the street.”

Hite-Ross says their staff is constantly working with police to solve uncharged cases, but adds the community must speak up.  “We need the help of the public. In order to end the violence in our community, we must end the silence.”

Police Chief Dan O’Shea has a warning for anyone committing violence in Rockford.  “Anyone who’s committing violent crimes in this community or has, we’re looking for you. And we’re gonna get you, eventually.”

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