Two Republican candidates running for 16th Congressional District


Republican congressman Adam Kinzinger will face an opponent in tomorrow’s primary elections, the first time since 2014. That opponent is Republican James Marter, who believes he’s the one who should replace the congressman.

Months of campaigning to become the 16th Congressional District’s Republican nominee are finally wrapping up for primary opponents Adam Kinzinger and James Marter. Kinzinger, the incumbent, has represented the 16th District for the last six years. 

Marter believes it’s time for Kinzinger’s tenure to end. He says the congressman’s values no longer line up with the values of his conservative constituents, citing his low ratings from conservative groups like Heritage Action for America

“So, we have all of these groups that share my values, share our Republican party conservative values, and Congressman Kinzinger is out of step,” explains Marter. “Oh, did I mention? He did not vote for President Trump.”

Kinzinger says, “I believe in spending less money, I’m pro-life, I’m pro-Second Amendment. You go all the way down the line, I was the first member of Congress to say we need to bomb ISIS. That’s important. I follow, right down to what Republicans believe.”

The two candidates also clash on gun control.

“The Second Amendment, it’s crystal clear,” says Marter. “‘The right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.’ The right to keep and bear arms. What does bear mean? That means, have on your person, have in your possession. There’s a reason we’re the freest, greatest country on God’s green earth. It’s the Second Amendment, folks, because that amendment protects all of our other rights.”

Kinzinger, on the other hand, says he’s open to some additional gun laws, like banning ‘bump stocks’ and raising the minimum age to purchase a gun. 

“I believe it’s worth talking about, raising the age to purchase an AR (ArmaLite Rifle-15, commonly the AR-15) to twenty-one,” Kinzinger says. “If you can’t drink a beer until you’re twenty-one, I think it makes sense that you couldn’t by an AR until you’re twenty-one. And, [I think] obviously, fixing the background checks system.”

There are a few issues both candidates feel passionate about: they both agree the U.S. needs better border security and that the flow of illegal immigrants into the U.S. needs to be stopped. Both are also passionate about improving care for the nation’s veterans.

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