Unemployment Numbers Show Manufacturing Jobs Dropping


Rockford-Manufacturing automation machines are the reasons many feel that Illinois lost 800 manufacturing jobs. General Manager of Header Die & Tool says the devices are not the big reason behind the job loss, but its also not brining in more workers.


Phillips says, “We can produce more products not with the same amount of people, not necessarily less people, but the same amount of people.”


At Wednesday night’s Celebration of Manufacturing Expo, Stateliners gathered to discuss the future of the industry.  Illinois Manufacturer’s Association President Greg Baise says he’s not too worried about the recent jobs loss, calling manufacturing an industry that will have its ups and downs depending on the economy


Baise says “Steel producers are seeing a slow down. That means that they’re forecasting that there’s not going to be as many cars built or appliances bought or things o that nature. So the cyclical nature on the economy nationally does have an impact on those types of things


Phillips agrees. He says he’s already seen a boost in customers who had off shored their products, and are now brining them back stateside. Phillips says, “We’ve seen a number of those customers that we have that have brought product back to the state. One for quality, the other just in the time nobody likes to carry inventory anymore.”

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