UPDATE: Aragona Club Liquor License Hearing Canceled


UPDATE  – Monday afternoon’s scheduled hearing regarding the Aragona Club’s request to have their liquor license re-instated has been canceled.

No reason was given for the cancelation. Officials did note that the hearing would be re-scheduled.


Multiple incidents have plagued the Aragona Club on Kent Street in Rockford.

In 2005, the city proposed shutting the club down after a shooting that injured three people.

In 2009, a fight broke out and lead to shots fired.

In 2013, a man was killed while walking to the club.

Most recently, this year on February 13th, two suspects fired shots out of a car window outside the club.

After those incidents, the city said the club could face a revoked liquor license. However, a resident and friend to the owner claim there are other measures they can take before revoking their license.

“It’s a nice club, I know the owners at the Aragona. It’s a nice club. I think they need to beef up the security and I think they’ll be fine. I just think its under-secured,” said Terrance Bell.

The safety of the patrons, and those who live in the neighborhood, is the city’s main concern, but Bell says the crime still should not reflect on the owner or the club itself.

“They don’t have nothing to do with outside. They’re trying to make a living like everybody else,” he says.

In a statement, Mayor Larry Morrisey spoke to the future of the club and the safety of it’s patrons.

“A hearing is scheduled to determine what future actions are needed to ensure the protection of the health,  safety, and welfare of our community,” declared Mayor Morrissey.

Some residents, like Bell, said that the crime isn’t just confined to the neighborhood around the Aragona Club.  It can happen anywhere and to any business.

“But it’s happening everywhere. It’s happening at Cherryvale Mall, West State, East State, north, east, it’s everywhere.  You can’t complain. What is it? It’s everywhere. So crime is everywhere you can’t just blame it on a guy who is trying to make a living.” said Bell.

The suspension has been effective since March 8th until March 15th, the hearing is set for tomorrow at City Hall.

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