Update: Autopsy on Body Found in Emily Anderson’s Car


Investigators have release autopsy results for the female body found inside a car submerged  near Roscoe over the weekend.  The Winnebago County Coroner believes he will be able to identify the woman is by the end of the week, but not before tackling some difficulties in the forensics testing

“We do know that it’s a female,” said Winnebago County’s Coroner Bill Hintz  “We do know, and I’m using the word…that it appears that there’s no trauma to the body. So, now we have to figure out what happened.”

Hintz says that could take weeks.  The body was in the passenger seat of the car that belonged to Emily Anderson-Dull.

“The vehicle itself was secure,  so it wasn’t as if the windows were down, or it wasn’t as if there was debris in the car,” said Hintz.  “The windows were secure.  The vehicle was secure.”

The seatbelt was unbuckled, but Hintz says they didn’t notice anything suspicious or out of the ordinary.  Forensic experts are pouring over evidence. The coroner mentioned he’s had conversations with Anderson-Dull’s family about the progress.

“I did explain right up front that we’re not sure who this is just yet, but we’re doing our tests and our comparisons,” said Hintz.

Anderson-Dull’s family reported her missing four months ago.  Hintz hopes to bring them answers soon.

“[It’s] very difficult.  It’s a very traumatic time that they’re going through” said Hintz.  “[They have a] lot of questions that they don’t have answered yet, and I can’t answer it just yet, for them.  It’s very difficult.”

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