UPDATE: Luis Anaya Guilty of Murder, Other Charges


UPDATE:  A jury has found Luis Anaya guilty of murder and Aggravated Discharge of a Firearm in the shooting death of Brandon Wright.

He faces a potential prison sentence of 45 years to natural life in prison.


Closing arguments were held Wednesday in the Luis Anaya murder trial, after the defense rested without calling any witnesses of their own. 

Anaya is accused of shooting and killing Brandon Wright as he pursued him in his car down Perryville Road after an altercation at a nearby bar.

In the morning, Anaya’s mother Juanita testified with the help of a Spanish-language interpreter.  Prosecutor Wendy Larson focused in on whether she and other family members were being uncooperative with investigators as they attempted to find and arrest Anaya, who fled to Mexico after the shooting.  She also asked about a trip Anaya’s sister made to Mexico not long after the shooting, and why when Anaya disappeared, the family never filed a missing persons report.

Defense attorney Frank Edwards aggressively questioned Winnebago County Sheriff’s Investigator Jason Newell about the crime scene.  Edwards has maintained throughout the trial that another man and not Anaya was the shooter.  He asked the investigator why gunshot shell casings were found in the middle of Perryville Rd. where the shooting took place if, as prosecutors allege, Anaya was leaning out the passenger side of the vehicle and firing at the car, which would put the casings by the side of the road.

The case goes to the jury Wednesday afternoon.  ‘Eyewitness News’ will monitor jury deliberations and let you know when the jury reaches a verdict.

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