UPDATE: Suspect Descriptions Given in Cherryvale Mall Shooting

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UPDATE (4:17pm) – Investigators tell Eyewitness News that a man in military clothing mentioned in a previous update is no longer considered to be involved in the case.

UPDATE (10/3/16) – Cherry Valley Police have put out a more detailed description for some of the suspects they’re looking for following a shooting at the CherryVale mall Friday evening.

Police say they’re looking for a black male, described as heavy set, who was wearing a white shirt, dark pants and a black and white headband on the night of the shooting. They say he was seen carrying a handgun

They’re also looking for a black male who was described as wearing military style clothing.

The men exited the mall and fled in a gray or similar colored Chevy Malibu or Impala.

There were traces of blood found inside the mall, police believe that it likely came from the altercation involving the suspects. There were no reports of any shoppers or mall employees injured.


UPDATE (10:00 pm) – Winnebago County Sheriff Gary Caruana says his deputies are still searching for the suspects in the CherryVale Mall shooting tonight.

Caruana provided updated information on what occured at 9 p.m. Friday. He says there was a fight between 4 black males and 3 hispanic males just before 6 p.m. At one point, some of the men went outside, and one pulled out a gun and fired three shots, hitting the mall and shattering a window. Police originally said there were no injuries, but Caruana says blood evidence was found.
The mall was placed on lockdown for several hours, with hundreds of people trapped inside. They were evacuated as police combed through every store in the mall, searching for any evidence and even the suspects.

Despite the incident, CherryVale Mall will reopen Saturday morning at 10 a.m.


UPDATE (9:27 pm) – Winnebago County Sheriff Gary Caruana tells Eyewitness News that the shooting involved 7 males.  One of the men pulled a gun out and fired three shots.  Caruana also said there’s blood evidence inside the mall, but says there are no injuries.


UPDATE (8:00 pm) –  Cherry Valley Chief of Police, Mike Neville, said in a press conference held just moments ago that there was an altercation in the mall involving 6 black males.

As they left, several ran to their car, opening fire.

The mall was hit three times, but no one was hurt.

Cherryvale mall is currently being cleared out one store at a time as officials investigate, and search for evidence.


UPDATE (6:43 pm) – CherryVale Mall has released the following statement:

“Due to an incident that happened in the parking lot earlier this evening, the mall is currently closed. We are working closely with local authorities as they continue their investigation.”


UPDATE:  A shooting near the CherryVale Mall led to a lockdown and then evacuation and closure of the mall.

The shooting was an apparent drive-by or ‘walk-by’ shooting at the U.S. Bank on the grounds of the mall.  Images of gunshots in glass at the bank have been sent to Eyewitness News, but it appears no one was hurt.

The mall was put on lockdown and then closed as a precaution since the shooter or shooters are apparently still at large.

Eyewitness News has a crew on scene and will have more details as they become available.


Several employees at Cherryvale Mall have contacted Eyewitness News to report a lockdown after reports of a possible ‘active shooter’ situation.  There is no confirmation of a shooter or any shots being fired, or anyone being hit, just a report of a possible shooter that led to the lockdown.

The Winnebago County Sheriff’s Office is not releasing any information at this time, and we have reached out to Rockford Police.

Calls to the mall were not answered.

Eyewitness News has a crew on the way and will have more details as they become available.

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