UPDATE: Terence Doddy Pleads Guilty to Murder of Todd Hansmeier

UPDATE — ROCKFORD — Terence Doddy has plead guilty to the murder of Todd Hansmeier. Last week he pled guilty to the murder of Tonya Bargman. He now faces two life sentences.

Sentencing is set for Doddy for June 15th. 

UPDATE — DIXON — Terence Doddy appeared in Lee County Court and pleaded guilty to the murder of Tonya Bargman.

“It’s alleged the offenses are class m felonies subject to extend a term sentencing of 60 years to natural life in the illinois department of corrections,” Judge Ronald Jacobson told him. “Do you understand what I have just read Mr. Doddy?” “Yes sir,” Doddy replies.

Bargman was killed last year at a rest stop on I-39 near Paw Paw. Doddy could be sentenced on June 1st to life in prison, but evidence will have to be presented to reach that decision according to Lee County State’s Attorney Anna Sacco-Miller. “Just because he’s subject to an extended term sentencing based on his plea, doesn’t mean that the court would actually sentence him beyond 60 years unless the court was convinced.”

Sacco-Miller is seeking a life sentence and says surveillance video at the rest stop proves that the murder was predetermined “My observation on the video you can tell that there was no emotion. It was completely cold .. you could tell that he was watching her and developed a plan while he was watching her and executed it before she was able to walk out of the building.”

Doddy has requested not to be present at the sentencing, but it remains unknown if that will be granted “From a prosecutors standpoint, it’s our belief that the defendant should be present, but the determination of that is ultimately up to the court,” said Winnebago County State’s Attorney Joe Bruscato. He was there because Doddy will be tried in Winnebago County for the murder of Todd Hansmeier, which occurred at the QVSM call center in Rockford where Doddy worked. Bruscato and Sacco-Miller agreed to cooperate on Doddy’s prosecution. He added, “The charges remain pending in Winnebago County and the defendant in that case remains innocent until proven guilty in a court of law of those charges.”

UPDATE TWEETS FROM ‘EYEWITNESS NEWS’ REPORTER DAN VASKO @danvasko  @mystateline — Terence Doddy signs guilty plea of first degree murder of Tonya Bargman. No connection to charges in Winnebago County.

Doddy requests to not be present during pending sentencing hearing.  Sentencing in the case against Doddy to be held June 2nd.

DIXON — While no one is confirming it, evidence strongly suggests that accused double-murderer Terence Doddy will plead guilty Wednesday morning to one of the two murders he is accused of committing.  Doddy is scheduled to enter a plea in Lee County Court at 11am.  He has already pleaded ‘not guilty,’ so the hearing itself would suggest a change of plea.  In addition, ‘Eyewitness News’ learned Wednesday morning that Winnebago County State’s Attorney Joe Bruscato and key members of his prosecution team will be in Lee County for the hearing indicating a significant development in the prosecution.

Doddy faces charges in Lee County for the murder of Tonya Bargman, who he allegedly killed in a rest stop off of I-39 near Paw Paw.  Doddy then stole her car, and was later captured driving it after a high speed chase which ended near Beloit on July 4, 2015.

Doddy was on the run at the time as the prime suspect in the murder of co-worker Todd Hansmeier at a Rockford call center.

After his capture, the Lee and Winnebago County State’s Attorney’s Offices agreed to cooperate in prosecuting Doddy.

‘Eyewitness News’ will be at the hearing and will have more details as they become available. 

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