UPDATE: Two-Year-Old Shirland Girl Hit in Eye by Bullet


“At about 7:40 last night, we got dispatched to Shirland Fire Department for a child that was shot in the face,” said Winnebago County Deputy Chief Dominick Barcellona.

Jimmy Hurn told investigators that his two-year-old daughter was playing in the car at 16086 Cannell road when she found a bullet and stuck it into the truck’s charger port. He says the bullet then discharged, shooting her in the eye.

Owner of Forest City Firearms Eric Sonnenburg says he’s never heard of anything like it.

“If it’s heated up under a flame, it is possible for it to ignite,” said Sonnenburg. “But, a low-wattage car charging port is not going to set off one of these rounds. That’s why I’m very skeptical.”

The toddler is suffering from non-life threatening injuries and investigators are looking deeper into what happened.

 “Doing this job as long as I have, anything is possible,” said Barcellona. “Our job is to be fair and impartial and figure out what the facts are.

Sonnenburg says that if the charger port did in fact fire the bullet, he believes that the details would be clear immediately. 

 “If it was a cartridge that was ignited by the car charging port, it’s going to be very easy to prove because that car charging port is going to have gun powder residue on it,” said Sonnenburg. “They’d be able to detect that right away.”

No charges have been issued and the case is still under investigation.


A two-year-old girl was flown to Madison after her father says a bullet discharged, striking her in the face.

The girl’s father, Jimmy Hurn, arrived at the Shirland Fire Department around 7:40 p.m. Thursday. He said his daughter had been playing in his car when she found a bullet and stuck it in the truck’s charger port. The bullet then discharged and struck her in the eye.

She was taken to a Rockford hospital and then to Madison where she was rushed into surgery. Her condition is not being released at this time, although the injury is not life-threatening according to authorities.

No charges have been issued.

Eyewitness News will continue to follow this story and bring updates online and on the air tonight at 5 and 6.

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