UPDATE: Woman Arrested for Stealing Puppy From Pet Store


UPDATE (12/3/15): Robyn Kersh has been placed under arrest for the theft of a 8-week-old Yorkie from a Cherryvale Mall pet store.

Cherry Valley Police and Winnebago County Deputies took Kersh, of Machesney Park, into custody Wednesday night. She is charged with felony retail theft.


UPDATE: A surveillance camera at Furry Babies pet store in Cherry Vale Mall catches a woman and her daughter stealing a puppy.

The video showing the woman distracting a worker at the pet store while her daughter grabs the eight week old Yorkie, then runs out.

“I just couldn’t believe it. To see a child reaching in the crib and the mom blocking the view of the child,” says Store Manager Victoria Mendoza.

“I just feel like that’s terrible role modeling. I was just shocked,” says Leonela Anguize of Furry Babies.

And this may not be the mother-daughter’s first stunt. Mendoza said she was told they stole items from Michaels in Machesney Park a few months back. “She was caught and end up throwing everything and running out of the store with the kids, blaming the children for it,” says Mendoza.

And Mendoza hopes the mother is held responsible for her daughter’s actions. “The child’s actions are obviously influenced in the video, so I would definitely hold the mother accountable for it,” says Mendoza.

Employees were concerned for the puppy’s safety — as they typically go over pet care with prospective buyers. ”We send home tip sheets as well give food and all the necessities to take care of the puppy,” says Mendoza.

But there was good news for Furry Babies after an anonymous man dropped off the stolen Yorkie on Wednesday.

“We were super happy. I cried. I think we all cried. I was just hugging her. She was licking our faces and wagging her tail we were very happy we were safe,” says Mendoza.


UPDATE: Police confirm the puppy has been returned to Furry Babies pet store.

It’s believed the man who returned the dog is related to the woman and girl seen in the surveillance video. No arrests have been made, but police say they have promising leads in the case.


UPDATE: Cherry Valley Police say they’re investigating “viable leads” in the case of the stolen puppy.

Eyewitness News will have updated information on the incident as it becomes available.


A Rockford pet store is asking for the public’s help locating a woman who stole a Yorkie puppy.

Pictures and surveillance video showing a woman, who identified herself to a store employee as Tatyana, distracting workers while her daughter removed an 8-week-old puppy from one of the store’s pet cribs.

The incident happened at the Furry Babies store inside Cherryvale Mall. Pictures from the incident can be seen above. You can see surveillance video of the incident here.

Anyone with information on the identity of the woman or with knowledge of the incident is encouraged to call Rockford Police at (815) 987-5824.

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