ROCKFORD, Ill. (WTVO) — Nutrition standards for school meals are changing.

The USDA announced a plan that sets the first limits on added sugars in foods. It focuses on sweetened foods such as cereals, yogurt, flavored milk and breakfast patties.

Health experts said that kids will see some changes in the cafeteria, but there will still be plenty of choices.

“They’re less likely to see really sweet pastries for school breakfast and things like that, but there may be some changes that are, that could be considered silent if it’s done right,” said Dr. Shiriki Kumanyika of Drexel University. “That they’ll see things that they like to eat, but those foods will be healthier, and that’s, I think, part of the goal.”

The school program serves breakfast to more than 15 million children, and lunch to nearly 30 million children, every day.