Vandals hack arm off Harry Caray statue at Freeport’s Little Cubs Field


One of Freeport’s most iconic statues was vandalized Sunday evening.

A group of children reported seeing juveniles using a bat to vandalize the Harry Caray statue at Little Cubs Field, a replica of Chicago’s Wrigley Field that sits at 1160 W Empire Street.

They amputated the statue’s left arm and knocked the microphone out of his right hand, and then covered the field in 20 pounds of baseball chalk.

The statue has been at Little Cubs Field since 2011, and Caray’s late wife came out to throw out the first pitch at the unveiling.

Both the statue and the field are a big part of the Freeport community.

Little Cubs Field’s vice president, Denny Garkey, said, “It would be nice if people would pay respect to something like this. Little Cubs Field represents our community because it was built by volunteers — thousands of them, actually,”

“I think it’s pretty bad that kid’s gotta do that,” said David Stott, who walks his dog, Dixie, through the park every day. “Kids will be kids, they’ll do little stuff. But nothing like that, usually.”

Freeport Police are conducting an investigation with the witnesses.

“We’ve got some suspects. We’ll be interviewing them later today,” said Freeport Chief of Police, Todd Barkalow.

“It represents more than just a monetary value,” Garkey said of the statue. “It represents the work of a lot of people that made Little Cubs Field possible.”

The vandals left the arm behind. Garkey said they’re keeping it on ice so they can get Harry back to health within a couple of weeks.

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